5 Exercises That Will Help You Solo over Chord Changes

Learning how to solo over chord changes is pretty difficult, especially if you also want to be free to play melodies that move across the chords so that you are not just playing something on one chord and something else on the next. In this video, I am going to show you 5 exercises that will help you develop these skills. The exercises are mostly pretty common and are probably more about how you understand the chord changes and think about the exercises that will help you learn to play better solos. I think you will see what I mean along the way.

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5 Exercises for soloing over chord changes – Patreon


0:00 Intro

1:00 #1 Learn The Arpeggios  But Not Only How To Play Them

2:13 Not Only Thinking In Intervals – Here’s Why!

3:56 #2 Give It Some Context – Add the Scales

4:47 #3 Put It In The Same Range – Where the Real Overview Is

5:56 #4 Connect the Chords – Voice-leading and Melodies

6:48 #5 Think Ahead – Universal Good Advice, Also in Jazz Solos

10:07 Avoid these mistakes in your solos!

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Improvising over Chord Changes with Target Notes:

Rhythm Changes – Target Note Strategies

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