Basic Music Theory For Jazz

Grasping the fundamental principles of music theory is like unlocking a treasure chest of sonic possibilities. Take jazz, for instance, where deciphering those cryptic chord symbols can feel like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded. But with a firm foundation in the notes that make up those chords, you’re empowered to explore beyond the basic song. It’s like having a map that reveals hidden pathways, allowing you to add embellishments, fills, and embellishments that transform chords into playgrounds of musical expression. The result? Not just technically correct playing, but playing that sings, that swings, and is more fun to play!

Basic Theory and Chord Construction

The Basic Music Theory You Need As A Jazz Beginner

Analyzing Chords

How The Pros Think About Chord Progressions (and you probably don’t)

Understanding The Key and Modulations

The Massive Misunderstanding About Modulations

Secondary Dominants

Secondary Dominants – What You Want To Know

Modal Interchange and borrowed chords

Unlock The Mysterious Sound Of The Minor Subdominant Chords

Put It Into The Music!

If you want to truly get these skills into your playing and have them become a part of how you make music then check out my very practical Jazz Guitar course, The Jazz Guitar Roadmap.

The course will show you a step-by-step method for learning to improvise over a Jazz Standard and playing a solo that sounds like Jazz!

The Jazz Guitar Roadmap

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