Bill Evans – How To Get Your Rhythms To The Next Level

Bill Evans is an amazing part of Jazz History and also one of the people to really take rhythm and polyrhythms very far in his playing. A Bill Evans Lesson should be as much about his incredible use of rhythm and how he combines it with harmony. This lesson is analyzing some of the ideas in his solo on “I Love You” He uses several interesting concepts with groupings of notes and playing across the barline.

This solo is off Bill Evans debut album as a leader: New Jazz Conceptions. A trio album with Paul Motian on drums and Teddy Kotick on bass.

0:00 Intro

0:13 Rhythm Devices of Bill Evans

0:35 Example #1

0:40 Reharmonizing a II V I

1:57 The Rhythm Layer of this Example

2:26 Example #1 – Slow

2:33  Example #2

2:38 Displacing Beat 1 with a simple melody

3:41 The Album: New Jazz Conceptions

4:00 Example #2 Slow

4:07 Example #3

4:11 Using Rhythm as a tension/release idea in a solo

4:44 The Clearness of Example #3

5:22 Example #3 Slow

5:28 Example #4

5:37 Displacing a simple phrase

7:13 Example #4 Slow

7:47 Example #5

7:54 Polyrhythm – 3/4 against 4/4

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