Bill Frisell – How He Plays Surprising & Beautiful Things

Bill Frisell can be described as the gentle genius of jazz guitar. He has a strong command of the style but really goes for his own voice which is a beautiful mix of elements from essential parts of American music culture: Jazz, Country, Bluegrass and Rock. 

Bill Frisell Guitar solos can start a line with a bebop lick or a reharmonization and end in a triadic bluegrass idea or go the other way and throw a open-string cluster voicing in there. The examples in this video cover both of these. 

Another thing that Bill Frisell also has pioneered is trying to really play polyphonic ideas in your solos. You will hear this from time to time with others like John Scofield, but Frisell is using it very often and is a true master. Possibly also where Julian Lage got the idea?

Paul Motian  -Bill Frisell - On Broadway

This solo on How Deep Is The Ocean is from one of the Paul Motian On Broadway albums. A great series of albums with some Jazz Giants playing some really great renditions of jazz standards.

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