Catatraffic – The Lullaby Tapes

This is an early scratch recording (made on my phone in July 2011) of what would later become the song Catatraffic. It features my youngest son Jakob on vocals :)

The final version ended up with a completely different and raw feel, and at that time I nearly named it “Srebrenica” Because I had the stories from that event in mind when I rewrote it to it’s current form.  In the end I didn’t feel I had the right to use that title and went with Catatraffic, so it got its name after a traffic jam in Amsterdam where I had to pick up Olaf for a gig (I think a it was a trio gig with Haye actually).

Catatraffic has been a piece we have done live with Traeben very often because it is a nice challenge and burst of energy to perform!

You can listen to the final version of Catatraffic here: