Do You Need To Have Your Own Style?

What are the advantages of having your own style and do you need it to play better music? Or is it maybe not something you should spend time on at all? How to learn jazz guitar and think about developing a personal style.

This is going to be a little philosophical and it is a video that is coming out of a long conversation with a student, and also from similar discussions through the years.


0:00 Intro (a ballad of mine 🙂 )

0:56 What is having a style? 

1:17 The Styles of Scofield, Wes, and Frisell

2:18 Why do you need to have a style?

3:01 What You Control

3:28 What You Don’t Control

4:29 Your Taste is a Musical Filter

5:16 Why I didn’t like Oscar Peterson

5:49 When is Your style getting in the way

6:28 What A Student should never say!

7:02 History, but don’t only look back

7:50 Do You Need To Have Your Own Style?

8:44 Don’t close the door on other styles

9:21 Give yourself room to grow!

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