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Here Below you find the PDF’s for the YouTube Shorts Videos listed in chronological order with the newest on top.

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Most Famous Bossanova: Girl From Ipanema: 230217 Stan Getz In The Way – Video: Here

Most Famous Jazz Song: 221230 This Is Too Late! – Video: Here

Chord Solo on My Romance: 220923 Why No Chance – Video: Here

Amazing Pentatonic Trick For Maj7 ChordsPentatonic Trick For Maj7 Chords – Video: Here

Jazz Chord Trick for a II V IJazz Chord Trick for a II V I – Video: Here

Pentatonic Scales In Jazz – Amazing Modern SoundPentatonic Scales In Jazz – Video: Here

4 Most Important Jazz Chord Types 4 Most Important Jazz Chord Voicings – Video: Here

3 Great Chord Solo Licks on a Single Chord 3 Chord Solo Licks For m7 Chords – Video: Here

My Favorite Wes Montgomery LickMy Favorite Wes Lick – Video: Here

Short Jazz Licks for Your SolosShort Jazz Licks for Dom7th Chords – Video: Here

Amazing Barry Harris ExerciseAmazing Barry Harris Exercise – Video: Here

4 Levels of Jazz Chords (Easy To Amazing) Jazz Chords – 4 Levels of Comping – Video: Here

II V What?! Beautiful Reharmonizations of a II V III V What – Video: Here

Practice Arpeggios Like This! 😎Practice Arpeggios Like This – Video: Here

Jazz Chords Tricks With Beautiful Passing ChordsPassing Chord Magic – Video: Here

Most Beautiful Modal Interchange SoundsMost Beautiful Modal Interchange – Video: Here

15 Beautiful Cmaj7 Jazz Chords (and a few tricks)15 Cmaj7 Voicings – Video: Here

Beautiful Minor Sounds – Amazing Jazz ChordsBeautiful Minor Progressions Video: Here

Jazz Chord Variations – 5 levelsJazz Chord Variations – 5 levels  Video: Here

Chords & Walking Bass on A Turnaround – Chords & Walking Bass Turnaround– Video: Here

Amazing Jazz Blues Licks on a C7 –  Jazz Blues Phrases on a C7 – Video: Here

Triplets + Arpeggio is AmazingTriplets + Arpeggios is Amazing – Video: Here

Pro Tip – m7 Jazz Chords Pro Tip – m7 Jazz Chords – Video: Here

Beautiful Jazz Chord RunsJazz Chord Runs – Video: Here

Amazing Bebop Trick For Any ChordAmazing Bebop Trick For Any Chord – Vide: Here

3 great tricks for m7 Bebop licks3 Tricks For m7 Bebop Licks – Video: Here

Great Jazz Blues Tricks With G7 ChordsJazz Blues Phrasing With G7 Chords – Video: Here

Beautiful Jazz Chords with Modal Interchange – Beautiful Jazz Chords  – Video – Here

1 Rhytm → 4 Jazz Licks1 Rhythm – 4 Jazz Licks – Video: Here

2 Important Jazz Chord Tricks2 Important Jazz Chord Tricks – Video: Here

4 Easy Jazz Licks! Lots of colors & extensions4 Easy II V I licks – Video: Here

Easy Jazz Lick – Adding Rhythm & PhrasingJazz Lick – Rhythm & Phrasing – Video: Here

Beautiful (and Crazy) m7 Jazz Chords 12 Beautiful m7 chords – Video: Here

Get Easy Jazz Chords To Sound GreatEmbellishing Easy Jazz Chords – Video: Here

Night And Day: Night and Day Solo – Video: Here

Altered Dominants In A II V I:  Altered Dominants – Video: Here


Blue Bossa: Blue Bossa Chord Solo – Video: Here

Autumn Leaves:  Autumn Leaves Chord Solo– Video: Here

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