A Guitar Solo is NOT only Scales and Arpeggios

Everybody wants to play better solos or write more interesting melodies. Often we get lost in the details like what note or scale is this and we forget to look at the bigger picture.
In this video I want to go over 3 ways that you can start to re-evaluate your solos that can easily help you make them more interesting to listen to by adding variation without having to learn new licks, scales or arpeggios.
So the instead of looking at what notes go where or which pentatonic scale is used here I think you can record a solo and start listening for other things that will help you improve your solos and also give you some things that you can start to work on.


List of content:


0:15 Introduction 

0:29 Look at the larger Picture, think like a listener 

1:03 A few thing about the three topics 


1:17 Phrase Length — intro 

2:02 Demonstration Phrase length 

2:24 Think in Tension/Release 

2:51 Short Phrases for connecting melodies and motifs 

3:42 Motif examples short/long phrase 


4:30 Note Length 

5:07 Demonstration Long/ short notes

 5:46 How to work with this type of phrasing 


7:08 Rhythmic Tension/Release

 7:18 Inside/Outside rhythms 

7:57 Demonstration Rhythmic Tension/Release

 8:42 What is Inside the groove

8:55 Off Beats 

9:25 Odd note groupings 

10:19 Do you have a good way to introduce contrasts in your solos? 

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