How To Play Walking Bass and Chords on Guitar – Study Guide

Walking bass and Chords is probably the coolest way to comp in a duo setting. There are several skills needed when it comes to playing like this. You need to be able to play basslines and have some ability to add chords while still laying down a solid groove with the Walking Bass.

This list of lessons is an ordered way to work your way through this from getting to know a basic vocabulary to having more freedom in comping with different types of chord voicings.

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I have also collected the videos in a Playlist on Youtube if you prefer that:

Walking Bass and Chords – Basic techniques and basslines

These lessons take a look at some fundamental ways to write walking bass melodies and present some exercises to help you play a bassline while placing the chords in different places.

Basic Progressions to check out

An important part of learning to play and make your own walking bass lines is to check out examples on songs. Here below is a list of lessons demonstrating this technique on a few songs:

Start with a Blues:

Solar is another 12 bar form in a minor key:

All the Things You are is a good example of a longer form that spans several keys and has a lot of different diatonic progressions

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