How To Stop Just Playing Scales In Your Jazz Solos

You don’t want to only play scales in your solos. Melodies like that are by far too predictable and get boring very very fast. But what can you play instead of scales? You need to check out some other melodic ideas and concepts that you can use. In this guitar lesson, I am going to take a look at how some great players change construct their lines and add some melodies that are more surprising and interesting to listen to.

Wasting time on licks?

With the licks in this lesson you also have to think about how you work with and learn licks.

Are You Wasting Valuable Time Practicing Jazz Licks Like This?


0:00 Intro

0:18 Examples of Great Lines

0:44 Example #1 – Charlie Parker’s Octave Displacement

0:46 Charlie Parker Nailing The Changes

2:09 Honeysuckle Rose Lick

2:28 Example #1 Slow

2:32 Example #2 – Moreno’s Shell-Voicings

2:35 Interval Structures with Large Intervals

4:01 Example #2 Slow

4:05 Example #3 – Lage Lund – Spread Triads

4:07 How To Use Use Open-Voiced Arpeggios

4:58 Example #3 Slow

5:02 Example #4 – Michael Brecker’s Super Double Time!

5:06 How To add more chords and use that as building blocks

6:21 The Reharmonization

6:38 Example #4 Slow

6:55 Example #5 – Allan Holdsworths Quartal Arpeggio

6:58 Learning from Allan Holdsworth

7:53 Example #5 Slow

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