Jazz Guitar Q&A #15 – Auxiliary Dominants, Hand problems, Duo comping, Dim chords

Q&A time!

This week I am covering questions on Auxiliary dominants, hand problems, accompanying in a guitar voice situation and some secondary dim chords.

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I have a lot of questions on Auxiliary dominants so it was about time that I got to that question. Hopefully this covers it.


  • Practice Vlogs
  • Problems with your hands
  • Auxiliary Dominants
  • Ideas for Voice + Guitar comp
  • Auxiliary Dim chords in Rhythm Changes

You can also see Jake Estners great Left Hand Health and technique video here:


Content with links:

0:17 Intro
1:27 Practice Vlogs
2:42 Problems with your hands
6:14 Auxiliary Dom7th
16:08 Ideas for Voice + Guitar comp
24:51 Auxiliary Dim chords in Rhythm Changes
33:09 Outro