Jazz Guitar Q&A #7 – Alternate vs Sweeping & Economy – 1000 Euro Archtop – Finger independence

This week I am on a small tour in Denmark and Germany with Træben so drop by if you are near any of the concerts! It would be fun to say hi!

Remember that if you have any questions on guitars, effects, improvisation, technique or improvisation then leave a comment on my video or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

In this weeks Q&A I am covering quesions on:

  • Finger independence and strength and exercises for this
  • Using Pentatonic scales and other devices on a II V I
  • Alternate Picking, Sweep or Economy picking?
  • ES175 type guitar for around a 1000 Euro

Hope you like the video!

Lessons on Scale and technique exercises: Here

Pentatonic lessons playlist: Here

Lesson on mixing legato and alternate picking: Here

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