Jazz Guitar Q&A #9 – Sight Reading, Studying Jazz Standards, State of mind when playing

Here’s this weeks Q&A!

Some of the topics I am covering are: How long to work on a standard(and bit how..), What position of the neck for Sight reading and some thoughts on your state of mind while improvising and judging your own playing.

I think it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on what you need to be able to do with a standard.

And your thoughts on how you judge your own playing and how you get in the right state of mind are very useful!

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In this weeks Q&A I am covering quesions on:

  • How I use the different pickups on my guitar
  • Sight Reading
  • How long I should you study a standard
  • Being in the zone and judging your own playing

Content with links:

0:13 Intro
1:51 How do you use your Pickup selector
6:34 How long should you work on a jazz standard
14:46 Sight reading position
21:39 State of mind while improvising
30:16 Outro