Jazz Tone on Any Amp

Getting a good sound and finding the right jazz tone amp settings can be quite difficult. But you can get most amps to give you a pretty convincing jazz tone, as you will see in this video where I am joined by Joram Pinxteren at Legacy Studios where we test a wide array of amps and talk about the difference between the speaker and amp designs.

I would like to thank Joram and Legacy studios for being so kind in working with me on this video. It was a lot of fun checking out the amps and hanging out with Joram.

You should check out his work as a mixing engineer and producer which is pretty impressive!


0:00 Intro – Going To Legacy Studios

0:28 Say Hi To Joram :)

0:41 And The Amps

1:04 Vox AC30

1:38 The Reverb: Lexicon LXP-1

4:07 Marshal JCM800

6:40 An Epiphany: Marshall Low-input

7:46 Roland Cube 

8:15 Closed vs Open-back Speakers

9:53 Fender Princeton – reissue

11:27 Fender Tube Compression and Reverb?

12:30 Vintage Jazz Tones of Wes or Kenny Burrel

12:55 Fender overdrive

13:40 a 10″ speaker with a lot of bass.

14:37 Lab Series L5 – BB King, Holdsworth, and no Tubes!

18:12 The Multi-filter

18:38 The Compressor

19:25 Polytone 

19:41 Conservatory Polytone Anecdotes

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