John Scofield On A Blues This Is Why He Is Great

Few artists have done what John Scofield has managed. He keeps coming up with new projects and trying out very diverse directions for his music. Sometimes we pay more attention to Scofield the band leader than Scofield the guitarist, but he does have a very distinct and interesting style of jazz playing. His playing has landed him gigs with Miles Davis, Joe Henderson and Chris Potter among many others.

John Scofield Solo on a Bb Blues

In this video I am going to take a look at some phrases from a solo off the I Can See Your House From Here album that was a collaboration with Pat Metheny. An album that features Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart. who would later form the Scofield Trio for a few albums.

Scofields style of playing is very rhythmical and often quite sparse compared to contemporaries like Metheny and McLaughlin, but he also manages to have some melodies that are both unique and very beautiful. Something that is not that easy in modern jazz.

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