Kenny Burrell – You Want To Be Using Blues Like This

Kenny Burrell is famous for his use of Blues in his jazz solos. This solo is no exception, but the lines he plays here really showcases a very sophisticated way to use both Blues and Rhythm in a Hardbop solo.

I think that his playing on Broadway has examples of his vocabulary that showcases the blues influence, but also the swing and the bebop influence. The rhythms he uses are complicated but have a natural flow and he is not shying away from altered chords or tritone substitutions in this solo either.


0:00 Intro

0:16 Kenny Burrel: Rhythm and Blues (and bebop)

0:43 Example 1 – Blues Phrases on The Tonic Chord

0:48 Analysis

1:22 The Cmaj7 – F7 trick That Charlie Parker Also Uses

2:07 Example 1 – Slow

2:14 Example 2 – Arpeggios And Bebop Lines

2:18 Analysis

3:20 Example 2 – Slow

3:27 Example 3 – Blues Scale = Altered Dominant?

3:35 Analysis

5:15 Example 3 – Slow

5:46 Example 4 – Tritone substitution

5:50 Analysis

6:55 Example 4 – slow

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