Learn The Modes is Horrible Advice – This is A Better Skill

You have probably seen people giving the advice like “learn all the modes if you want to play jazz” or “first learn the modes all over the neck and then check out a 2 5 1”

Most of the time this advice is probably given with a good intention but what this makes you study is not going to help you play any better or set you on a path to make music, so the question is really if it is a good goal or advice at all? Maybe you shouldn’t really worry about modes at all.

That’s what I want to discuss in this video, and I will give you something else to study that is a lot more useful for your playing (and which will make you able to play modes anyway….)


0:00 Intro

0:25 Modes – Are they solving the problem you want to solve?

0:49 What Skills to Develop

1:26 #1 How Modes Are Taught

2:12 The Pentatonic Modal approach

2:42 #2 How Does It Fit With The Music

3:36 Characteristic notes of a mode and the chords you use it on.

4:39 Understanding Chord Progressions?

5:10 #3 What Is Missing – Where do they fail

5:34 What to do instead.

6:28 That is actually playing modes

6:42 #4 A Better Solution

7:40 Rows of notes don’t make you a better improviser

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