Maj7 arpeggios – 7 Positions/Berklee System

These fingering suggestions was made by finding the arpeggio in each of the 7 Positions/Berklee System

You can also download the chart as a pdf by entering your e-mail here: 

2 thoughts on “Maj7 arpeggios – 7 Positions/Berklee System

  1. epschultz

    Jens – Thanks for sharing all this great info! For the Berkeley system arpeggios, I noticed that the Maj7 shape starting on 1st scale degree is a different form than the one used for Dom7. I’m used to seeing these two arpeggios employ the same form with the only difference being the 7th. I’m wondering if you tweaked the Maj7 shape to be more economical from a fingering perspective? I’m just trying to find the best way to finger these. thanks again!

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