Min7 arpeggios (CAGED)

These fingering suggestions were made by finding the arpeggio in each of the 5 CAGED system scale fingerings.

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3 thoughts on “Min7 arpeggios (CAGED)

  1. garciambiental

    Hello Lars. Thank you for your superb lessons.

    I’m quite puzzled about the min 7 arpeggios you are presenting in this lesson. One thing I adore about CAGED system is that you can see the classic shapes of those positions across the fretboard, so learning scales is completely easy and logical. I found that to be true for the maj7 arpeggios in the previous pdf, but in the case of the minor, I cannot see the shapes whatsoever. I don’t see a minor C in the first position, at all (I mean, the classic C position but with a minor 3rd interval). What am I doing wrong?

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