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How to Write Jazz Licks – What You Want to Know

II V I – When You Want To Sound Different

When You Really Know The Chords

This is a Good 10-minute Practice Routine

Learn The Modes is Horrible Advice – This is A Better Skill

How To Solo Over Chord Changes – The 5 Level Challenge

5 Quick Tips When You Are Stuck In A Jazz Solo

Avoid Long Practice Plans – This is what you should focus on

Do You Need To Have Your Own Style?

Guitar Practice – How To Be Your Own Teacher

3 Things You Need to Improve in Your Jazz Solos

How To Learn a Jazz Standard – Important Exercises

The Scale is NOT That Important – This is!

Get a Jazz Tone on any amp.

How To Embellish Jazz Chords With Beautiful Chromaticism

Drop2 Voicings – How to Understand The Construction

Why Reharmonization Is For You And How To Get Started

3 Scale exercises You Need To Know And Use

The Music Theory You Need to Focus on First

How To Understand The Style of Jazz Solos

Why You Want To Think in Functional Harmony

5 Common Mistakes When You Learn Jazz

How To Practice Jazz – Advice From Bill Evans

The First 10 Jazz Standards You Need To Know

This Is The Exercise That Shows If You Are A Beginner

How To Get The Most Out Of Transcribing

The Best Way To Use Lydian and 5 Musical Ideas

How To Learn Great Concepts From Thelonious Monk

That is not a Musical Exercise, I don’t like it!

Jazz Comping – How To Keep It Interesting

New Video The Exercises You Don’t Do But You Really Need To

Pentatonic Scale – How To Not Sound Like The Blues

When Do You Know A Scale?

Melodic Solo – What You Should Be Practicing

3 Unusual Maj7 Chords And How To Use Them

How To Study Jazz Licks The Right Way

Jazz Practice – Why You Need To Keep It Practical

Can you do this on the Chord Progressions you know?

Learn Jazz Standards – Get The Most Out Of What You Already Know

Phrygian Chords Some Of The Best Places To Use Them

Triad Pairs – How To Use Them On a Minor Blues

Dont Waste Your Practice Time On These 3 Things

Jazz Tone – How To Make A Strat Jazz Sound

How to Practice Comping and Not Just Chords

Charlie Parker This Is The 5 Way He Uses Arpeggios

Fretboard Visualization – How To Develop A Complete Overview

6 Types of Easy 3-Note Arpeggios That You Need To Know

How to Solve the “I Have no Practice Motivation” Problem

Reharmonization – Are you getting it wrong?

Jazz Practice Routine How To Find The Perfect Balance

Jazz Guitar Solo – This Is What I Think About

Jazz Guitar Comping 3 Things You Want To Think About

The 7 Questions You Need To Ask About A Solo You Love

How To Practice In All 12 Keys – This Is What You Learn

Stella By Starlight – 6 ways to Harmonize a minor II V I

Is a Guitar Teacher Worth Your Money?

3 ways to Solo over Chord Changes – Important Jazz Strategies

Why You Want To Write Your Own Jazz Licks

All The Things You Are – Harmonic Analysis

Music Theory – The 3 things you want to Know

How To Solo Over Fast Moving Chord Changes – Jazz Guitar

Pat Metheny Is Not About The Notes, Are You?

Every Arpeggio in the Known Universe

How to add extensions to a chord

3 Important Things To Learn From Other Styles

Scale Positions for Guitar – The 3 most Important Systems

Favourite Chord in the key of C Major?

How To Analyze Chords and Progressions

Beautiful Chord Ideas That Will Boost Your Comping

Jazz Swing Feel – How to get it right (and You want to)

10 Commandments of Learning Jazz

7 Minor Scales You Need To Know About

3 Music Theory Mistakes You Want To Avoid (Jazz Rant)

6 Most Important Dominant Scales And Hidden Tricks With Them

10 Awesome Ideas for Better Jazz Licks You Should Know

How to play a melodic solo? Thoughts and Exercises

Modal Interchange – Chord Progressions with Beautiful IVm ideas

How to Play and Use Coltrane Patterns – Easy and Useful

Maj7 Chords – 7 Great Solo ideas!

Jazz Chord Progression – Knowing the blocks that make up the Jazz songs

9 Surprising Pentatonic scale secrets on a Blues

Reharmonization Techniques – the best way to make them more musical

5 Ways You Need To Know And Practice Your Arpeggios

Are You Wasting Valuable Time Practicing Jazz Licks Like This?

Synthetic Scales and How You Can Make New Personal Scales and Sounds for Your Solos!

The 7 Levels Of Cm7 Dorian – Triads to Complete Voicing Arpeggios

Modern Jazz Reharmonization Techniques: Tritone sub, Coltrane Changes and Modal

Don’t Just Learn Music Theory! Connect it to the Songs You Know and Play!

Practice Major Scales like this and You will get more out of it!

The Best Practice Tempo for Soloing and Improvising on the Guitar and why

Learning Jazz Standards – What you Need to Know and Be Able to Do With It

Jazz Chord Voicings – The 9 Different types you should know

Jazz Scales! The 3 You Need to practice and How You apply them to Jazz Chords

Best Exercise for Difficult Chord Progressions – Neverending Scale Exercise

Extra Lesson: How Not to sound like BB King All The Time?

Practice Your Licks in ALL 7 keys!

Fretboard Visualization That makes musical sense for Jazz Guitar

Jazz Blues Analysis – The Variations you need to know

Jazz Comping is NOT only Chords and voice-leading!

Overlooked SKILLS for Learning Jazz

Augmented Scale Secrets

Now on the right time: A Guitar Solo is NOT only Scales and Arpeggios

A Guitar Solo is NOT only Scales and Arpeggios

Minor II V I options – Melodic Minor, Phrygian Chords and Tritone Substitutions

Practice with Backing Tracks will ruin your Rhythm and Timing!

3 Mistakes Wasting Your Guitar Practice Time – Road to Effective Study

5 Types of Chord Progressions You Need To Recognize and Be Able To Play

II V What?! – How not to resolve a II V I (on purpose) – Modern Jazz Guitar Lesson

How to Come up with New solo ideas – Rethink the stuff you already know

Modern Approaches to a Jazz Blues – Rethinking the Chord Progression

7 Jazz Scales for Cmaj7 – Vital Guide to Modern Jazz Guitar Sounds

25 Reharmonizations of a Turnaround – Discover New Modern Jazz Chord Progressions

3 Exercises you MUST know on songs

Reharmonization — Making Songs Fresh & Personal by Reharmonizing

Three of my favourite YouTube Jazz Guitar Videos!

Sight-reading and interpreting a Jazz Standard Leadsheet

How many ways can you Reharmonize a II-V-I in C major?

Advanced Triad and Spread Triad ideas on Out Of Nowhere

Jazz Comping – Jazz Chords and Approaches

The Modern Modal Approach: Minor Blues

My Guitar Practice Routine 2017 – Technique: Open Triads, Quartal Arpeggios – Jazz Guitar Vlog

Analysis and Jazz Guitar Solo ideas for a Jazz Standard – Lady Bird

How I got into jazz guitar & Why I make videos

30+ Chords in C major?

The Perfect Guitar Practice Routine – 5 tips for Jazz Guitar Practice

Re-harmonizing Standards – Modern Jazz & Chord Sounds

Modern Jazz Harmony – Chord Progressions and Analysis

Outside Reharmonization – The Solo skill you need to check out!

What do you need to play jazz on guitar?

Top 5 Jazz Books!

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