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Hi Patrons,

This is an experiment thanks to Paul Anderson who made this search plugin. If you have any thoughts on what you might be looking for then please leave a comment on the Patreon post.

Search the Monday Videos here:

[jlsearch style=”gray”]

You can of course also browse the category on Patreon:

3 thoughts on “Patreon Search

  1. sfriedman71

    Hi Jens, Thanks for adding the new search feature. Here is one feedback item. I searched for “beginner” and the search only returned one video. I was hoping there would be more. I suspect maybe you want to add functional keywords (tags?) to the posts.

    1. jens Post author

      Hi Sam,
      This is only. The Monday videos, so there would not be many beginner videos.

      In general, I doubt if I will add the beginner, intermediate, advanced tags because that way of sorting through the material is so crude that it is pointless.

      Think of it ths way: what is a beginner? And what is a beginner for Jazz? I personally would say that a beginner for Jazz is somebody who knows less than 30 standards by heart, but most people who consider themselves intermediate before learning any. So since there are no usable definitions for the levels then I think they would do more harm than good.

      Don’t know if this makes sense, it is a complicated topic

  2. J.Dalrymple

    Hi Maestro:

    This is an improvement. Given the size of the dataset it seemed to meet the search criteria for which I am likely to use it. The results returned for a search of “Blues” allowed me to easily see the items in a short list. From that I can easily identify the title that is of interest to me.

    If I may provide one suggestion. When I joined Patreon I could not find an item I’d found on YouTube on Patreon. If I recall the name was different between the two venues. In general I find the normalization between the data on YouTube and Patreon to be good, but in one case I spent considerable time searching for it. I may be mistaken and just couldn’t keep the names straight. :).

    Regardless, this new feature when applied to the site will likely save users from having to scroll through the volume of information that you provide us.


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