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Press Quotes

“.. qualities of Larsen are even more apparant: Exciting, strong rock-oriented solos set the tone here. The solos scream, criy and swing.”
Ben Taffijn, Draai om je oren/Nieuwe Noten

“..Larsen is a most unique and fluid voice on the guitar with clean single note runs that turn into a deceptively subtle sonic exploratory.”
Brent Black,

“…Larsen’s passion-filled guitar makes the piece romantic and evocative.”
Stephan Moore, 2012
“Guitarist Jens Larsen leaves an experienced and tasteful imprint in sound of the group.”
Radio 6

“…The lustrous timbres of Larsen effortlessly find their way”
Jan Jasper Tamboer, jazzenzo

“A fantastoc rhythm section where Jens got space to make breathtaking solos..” – Jens Larsen Trio
Peter Visser,

“..puts life into every note he plays..”

“Her groovy band, featuring …. a great soloist guitar player Jens Larsen, makes for a perfect fit.”
Soesja Citroen, Liner notes Under A cloud

“..Larsens playing is solid and had a lot of interesting ideas which he used in a sensible way.”
Cees v/d Ven, Draai om je oren

“The Danish guitar player, Jens Larsen, adds more fire to the performance”
Michel P,

“..The virtuoso guitarist Jens Larsen…”
Peter Korz, BN De Stem

“..Jens Larsen breathtaking on guitar..”

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