Blue Bossa Solo – Etude and Exercises


– Not only what to play but also how it is used in a real solo 

– New material: Quartal Arpeggios, upper-structures 

– Analysis of the Intensity and Energy build-up of the solo



Check out Arpeggios and Pentatonics for Blue Bossa and  Learn how to use them in a Solo 

You already know that having a complete overview of the things you can use in a solo is a big part of being able to play a great solo. It can be very difficult to get that overview without doing extensive research. Taking all that material and learning to make music with it is even more hours and the equivalent of several guitar lessons.

This lesson is really a boost to what you are already practicing as scales and arpeggios plus it gives you some new material on top that is not covered in other lessons.

  • Not only what to play but also how it is used in a real solo
  • New material: Quartal Arpeggios, upper-structures
  • Analysis of the Intensity and Energy build-up of the solo

This lesson is going over both arpeggios, quartal arpeggios, and pentatonic scales. All material that I use in the solo so you can hear how strong melodic structures these can be.

How to make lines – not only what to play

Blue Bossa is one of the most famous jazz standards. This lesson is built around a 5 chorus solo on the song. The solo is transcribed and I have also made an annotated transcription where I have added explanations and thoughts on what I am playing, so you know how to construct phrases yourself.

The annotated transcription gives you insight into what I play in the 5 choruses in terms of arpeggios, pentatonics or Quartal harmony ideas. This format also makes it a lot easier to show you how phrases are following each other so when I use motifs when they are developed or concluded. This way you can also get a deeper insight into the process of making solid jazz lines and development in how the phrases connect not only what is played.

Get started improving your solo skills

Check out the video below and get an impression of the type of melodic playing that is possible using this material. You can purchase this at a fraction of the price of an in person guitar lesson and have much more material to work with.


Topics Discussed in this Blue Bossa Lesson

  • Arpeggios used in the solo
  • Super-Imposed Pentatonics
  • Tritone Substitution
  • Reharmonizations
  • Melodic Concepts
  • Motifs, Call/Response
  • Development of solo

Download Includes

  • Video performance
  • Annotated Transcription
  • Transcription PDF/GuitarPro
  • Exercises and Groove Article
  • Performance mp3
  • Backing track mp3

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