Blues Chord Melody Solo Exercises


This lesson contains three etudes on a Bb blues and a set of exercises. This will help you develop the ability to play solos and accompany yourself at the same time. 

The way I learned this was from playing examples and improvising. Therefore, instead of giving you a lot of technical exercises I thought it better focus on some simple and short examples of how to play like this. The chance that you get stuck in technical exercises is also smaller if you are spending time playing real music.

The form I am using is a 12-bar Bb Jazz Blues. The Blues is a practical choice. First, because it is a form you are already very familiar with. Second, because The Blues lends itself to Call-response and repeating melodies.

Playing improvised solos in a Solo Jazz Guitar setting is a very demanding thing to do. It requires combining several layers into your playing at the same time: Melody, Chords, and Bass. In this download, I have included 4 technical exercises and 3 chorus examples. These will help you develop your skills and start you playing improvised solo in a chord melody setting.

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