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From Chords to Comping with Rhythm & Melody

In Jazz, you play chords play as a part of an improvisation and therefore they must be flexible and not static blocks.

Another important aspect of comping is that you want to create musical statements with the chords. The easiest way to do this is to learn to think of them as melodies.

That is what these exercises will help you develop:

– Make Chord voicings flexible blocks for improvisation
– Thinking melodies when comping
– Connecting chords across the progression in a musical statement

Drop2 Creativity - Solar

The goal of this lesson is to teach you how to use Drop2 voicings, it is built around two etudes on the famous jazz song Solar. Using the chord voicings that we practice is often much more mysterious than it has to be, and this lesson is helping you get more out of the time you spent practicing drop2 inversions.

The etudes are demonstrating a basic use of the Drop2 voicings but still will show you how to:

- Combine chords to phrases not just blocks

- Use simple easy-to-play rhythms

- Connect chords with melody

- Play phrases and make comping sound like music

This part of the lesson contains a short analysis of the chords of Solar, some exercises and analysis of a few of the things from the etudes.


Extending the old version of the Drop 2 to the new version with the discount



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