Easy Jazz Standards Solo Bundle


It is extremely important to build a repertoire of Jazz songs if you want to learn how to play Jazz.
Learning and really internalizing songs can be difficult, but if you want to play Jazz then you need some music to play.

This lesson Bundle consists of 5 lessons teaching you to solo over jazz standards. Each lesson builds an overview of a single scale position and basic arpeggios for that song. They serve well as a place to start if you want to study jazz standards and how to improvise over them and also want to strengthen the foundation you build your skills on.

All the lessons include transcribed solos and analysis in either video or pdf form. They also all contain exercises and suggestions to explore so you become really familiar with the standard.

The bundle is not €40 but €25 for the 5 lessons making the lessons €5 euro instead of €8.

Be aware that the lesson download is a lot of fairly big files so download it to your PC and remember to be a little patient!

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