Jazz & Bebop Phrasing – C Blues


A lot of students come to a point where they realize that even when they play good lines they don’t sound “right” And this is the beginning of the study of bop phrasing.

In this lesson I am using some exercises and 3 choruses of blues etudes  to demonstrate good ways to get your jazz phrasing better in a step wise manner. The main focus is on learning how to use accents and also how to analyze a line so that you know where you should put the accents. This is done through exercises and etudes which I demonstrate and discuss in the videos.

Even if there are no strict rules when it comes to phrasing in any genre, it is very useful to have some guidelines to work from when trying to develop your phrasing.

This lesson will probably also help you get a better understanding and ear for when something is a good jazz line or not, since some lines are easier to phrase in a jazzy way than others as you will see in the lesson.

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