Jazz Standards – Easy Solo Boost


An essential part of learning any style of music is learning the repertoire, the songs that are the core of that style. This is so very true for Jazz as well. You know I always say “Learn Jazz – Make Music” These songs are the music!

But it can be very difficult to get started on this journey and the most difficult part is learning to solo on the first few songs.

This collection of lessons gives you a place to start and an unfair advantage for soloing on these 6 famous Jazz songs covering Medium swing, Latin, and Jazz-waltz.

All the lessons include transcribed solos and analysis in either video or pdf form. They also all contain exercises and suggestions to explore so you become really familiar with the Jazz standard and improve your solos so you can have fun improvising over these songs.

The collection is available at the reduced priced €30 for the 6 lessons 

Be aware that the lesson download is a lot of fairly big files so download it to your PC and remember to be a little patient.

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