Take The A-Train – One Position Workout


A simple approach to making music on a great jazz standard

You know the scale, you know some arpeggios, but it doesn’t really become music. We are all working on getting the skills to solo, but it can be very difficult to really apply it to a song.

This lesson is on digging deep into the song Take The A-Train in one position on the neck.

  • Learn The Essential Material in the Position: Scale, Arpeggios, Pentatonics
  • See how it is applied in a real solo and understand the phrases
  • Take the ideas into your own playing.

Really exploring important positions on the neck is what will help you gain the knowledge to play more freely and rely as much on your improvisation as on your licks. The exercises included in this lesson cover some of the essential and less obvious arpeggios and pentatonic scales that you can use over Take The A-train.

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