All The Things You Are – Getting Started Soloing


This lesson consists out of a lesson video that covers the basic structure of All The Things You Are. First a short simple analysis of the harmony, the scales and key centers of the song. Then the Arpeggios for the chords in All The Things You Are in the 8th position. I also discuss how you can practice them on the song with the included backing track.

The 2nd part of the lesson consists of a 3 chorus solo over ATTYA with transcription and a lesson video for each chorus. I have made the choruses so that the first on is only around the 8th position and only using arpeggios. The 2nd chorus stays in the 8th position but incorporates more extensions and leading notes. In the final chorus I move around the neck and uses a few reharmonizations, altered dominants and other devices such as double time and 8th note triplets.

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