There will never be another you – Reharmonization Solo


This lesson is build around an improvised solo over There will never be another you.

In the solo I am improvising with not only making up lines, but I also reharmonize the song as I play. This means that there are not only the standard progression to use for making melodies, but we can also improvise with which chords are used.

In the lesson I discuss some strategies for changing the chords and also talk a bit about what the effect is of changing different chords in a standard. Several techniques and scales are used in the lesson usch as Tritone substitution, chromatic passing chords, tritone scale, diminished scale and wholetone scale.

The goal of the lesson is to give you a complete musical example of how you can use reharmonization in your solos and how it would make sense within a real solo. Therefore there is a development in how much I use reharmonization I am using in the solo and what choices I make in scales etc.

The solo is technically fairly easy to play and should not be too difficult to master which should help getting this improvisation technique in to your playing.

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