I Remember You – Backing Track – Medium Swing – 140 Bpm

I Remember You – Backing Track

I remember You is a beautiful standard.

The form is AABA, where the last A has a tag of an extra 4 bars. The song is here in F major. A few things that are special to this song is the #IV in the 2nd bar and that it uses IV IVm to go back to the tonic in bars 5-6 of the A part, so there’s no strong cadence back using a dominant.

Another key feature is the elegant series of modulations in the Bridge taking a trip from Bb to D major and then via C major back to F in the last A.

What is you favourite version of this song?

I think the Tom Harrel/Heyn van der Geyn/Phillipe Catherine is mine? or maybe Chet Baker?

My solo on this track:

Here are the changes I use: