Study Guides – How To Learn Jazz

This page is a page listing different paths that you can take trying to improve your Jazz Guitar Playing. I will try to keep the topics pretty general and give you a step-by-step guide to my lessons so that you can go through several lessons and develop your skills in that way.


I will add more guides as I make them, I want to be sure that I think they actually make sense so I first want to review the material a bit before I publish a Study Guide. If you are very familiar with my lessons and have a suggestion for a learning path on a specific topic then send me that path so I can share it with others here.  


Your Feedback is very valuable


Remember that the guides are here to help you so if you have suggestions for this or other guides then let me know! I might have missed something or you have another idea for something that is important to check out! Feel free to send me an e-mail or message via social media.


Beginning Jazz advice


Jazz Solo Skills


Jazz Blues



Chords and Comping


Chord Melody

Music Theory and Harmonic Analysis


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