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Review of my Performance at Dutch AxeFest 2013

I came across this review of my presentation and performance at the Dutch AxeFest 2013 on the G66 website.

“No more questions, but all the more enthusiastic applause after he finished playing one of his songs with no backing track, just his fantastic tone. Very impressive!

Review of Dutch AxeFest 2013


New Ibanez Endorsement – I have become part of the Ibanez Artist Roster

Ibanez Guitars





I am really proud to announce that I have become part of the ibanez artist roster.

Ibanez Artists.

I am extremely pleased with my AS2630 which sounds fantastic and is reliable under any conditions. It is ofcourse also great to join be on a list of jazz guitar players that includes George Benson, John Scofield, Pat Metheny and Ben Monder.