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Ben Monder – This is How to Interpret a Standard

Playing Jazz Standards is really a part of learning to play jazz. Ben Monder doesn’t often record standards on his albums, but this take on I’ll remember April is a great demonstration of how rich his style and skill set is. So if you play Jazz Standards then this video should give you some very valuable insight into just how much is possible with both the melody and the solo.

In this video I am going to discuss 4 examples from the track. Two are on how he interprets the theme adding modern chord sounds and reharmonizations. The following two are from his solo demonstrating how he can transform fairly basic II V I progressions to much more modern sounding progressions. As you will hear he does so still sounding musical and playing strong melodies.

Ben Monder is maybe not always in the limelight among the modern jazz guitarists. But at the same time he has released a lot of music and is often working as a sideman with other. Most famously he played on the last David Bowie album.


0:00 Intro – Ben Monder Trio

1:07 Example 1 – Interpreting and coloring the Theme

1:37 Ben Monder knows all the chords

1:56 Analysis of the Transcription

2:53 A Distinct Dim Suspension

3:49 Example 2 – How to Not resolve a II V I completely

4:17 Analysis of the Transcription

6:03 Example 3 – Soloing with other sounds on a II V I

6:49 Analysis of the Transcription – defining the sounds and the melody

9:49 Musical Statements and motifs

10:53 Example 4 – Other Maj chord sounds

11:10 Analysis of the Transcription

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