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Diminished Scale – How To Make Beautiful Lines

The Diminished scale is a scale that you have probably heard of and you know that it is a symmetrical scale and most of the time when people talk about using it then you get all these patterns that repeat. But for, the problem was always that melodies with repeating patterns like that don’t sound that great. Some people can make that work, but I always wanted a different sound with strong melodies that were not that predictable.

In this video, I am going to show you how I improvise using the diminished scale and talk a little bit about how I never really practiced the scale but focused on something else.

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0:00 Intro

0:45 Basic: The Scale and How To Play It

1:07 F dim or G half-whole

1:55 II V I with a Dom7th(13,b9)

2:10 Symmetrical and that is great (and it sucks at the same time)

2:30 Finding Some Triads

3:14 What Colors Do You Get?

4:03 Practicing Melodies in the scale

4:25 Example Lick #1 – Triad Inversions

4:48 Example Lick #2 -G7(b9,#9,#11)

5:05 Triad Pairs – These are not all Triad Pairs

5:37 Improvisation Exercise with the 4 Triads

6:08 Minor Triads

6:43 Lick using Minor Triads

6:50 An Amazing Quartal Arpeggio (and a lick)

7:16 mMaj7 Shell-Voicings

8:01 Melodic Minor and Why It is Awesome!

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