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Ed Bickert – A Jazz Guitarist You Need To Know About!

Ed Bickert is the secret super hero of Jazz Guitar. He is somehow always under the surface, but you don’t want to miss checking him out! Probably most of us know him from his great playing on Paul Desmond albums like Pure Desmond and Desmond Quartet Live.

This video is on a solo on the Standard Have You Met Miss Jones, off a live trio album with Don Thompson and Terry Clarke.

What I really like about Ed Bickerts playing is his sense of melody and also how he is amazing at adding chords to his solos. But the examples in this video also highlights his use of reharmonization and cross rhythms.

I don’t actually know too much about Ed Bickert probably because he mostly has been active in Canada and haven’t appeared on that many albums as a sideman. But I really enjoy his playing. First I wanted to cover a song from the Pure Desmond album, but then I came across this great transcription on Francois LeDuc’s channel so I used that instead. You can check out Francois’ channel and Patreon in the description of this video. He has a lot of great transcriptions there!

Francois Leduc – Patreon

If you want to check out some more stuff on Ed Bickert then try to look up the two Paul Desmond albums that he play on:

Paul Desmond – Pure Desmond with Ed Bickert

And the live album with the same band:

Paul Desmond Quartet – Live

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