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Exotic Scale – Augmented Scale – All The Secrets!

The augmented scale is a great symmetrical scale that you can apply to both maj7 chords and minMaj7 chords. In this lesson I will go over the scale and look at the possible arpeggios, triads, 7th chords and some ideas on how to improvise with them.

I also go over some ideas for constructing voicings for some of the exotic sounding chords that you can construct in this scale like Cmaj7(#9) and Emaj7/C.


Hope you like it!


0:39 Basic Construction and symmetry 

1:32 Arpeggios in the augmented scale 


1:56 Triads 

2:48 Using the triads in solos 

3:16 Different approaches to solo with triads 

4:53 7th Chord Options 

5:17 soloing with the 7th chords 

6:19 Adding further extensions 

7:25 Another way of describing the extended chords 


9:21 Finding more useful structures 

9:41 Shell Voicing Arpeggios 

9:52 Line with Diatonic Shell Voicings 

10:03 Spread Triads 

10:09 Lick with Open-voiced triads 

10:16 Drop2 voicing arpeggios 

10:23 The beatiful sound of Drop2 arps in the augmented scale 


10:47 Should I make a video on Augmented licks? 


10:55 Voicings in the augmented scale 

11:06 Symmetrical maj#5 voicings 

11:44 adding notes to voicings 

12:22 Exotic 7th chord over bass note combinations 


12:28 Learn the method not just this scale! 

13:43 No Quartal harmony! 

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