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5 Quick Tips When You Are Stuck In A Jazz Solo

We all get stuck in solos, even though you know the song, the chord or the scale. You still don’t know what to play. This video will give you some jazz guitar tips that you can use to get past this.

The 5 tricks are about looking at things differently or taking a step back and finding more options, but working on them will make you a better jazz improviser and improve how you make music.

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0:00 Intro

0:42  You Know The Song, but still..

1:51 #1 Play The Melody  

2:59 #2 Play The Chord

3:43 #3 What Do You Hear? Nothing? Then Play That! (Jim Hall!!)

4:54 #4 What Did You Play Right Before

5:34 How This Sounds on A Song

7:36 #5 Check Available Triads, Arpeggios, Pentatonics

7:52 Share your list

8:12 A Part of My List

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Jazz Tone on Any Amp

Getting a good sound and finding the right jazz tone amp settings can be quite difficult. But you can get most amps to give you a pretty convincing jazz tone, as you will see in this video where I am joined by Joram Pinxteren at Legacy Studios where we test a wide array of amps and talk about the difference between the speaker and amp designs.

I would like to thank Joram and Legacy studios for being so kind in working with me on this video. It was a lot of fun checking out the amps and hanging out with Joram.

You should check out his work as a mixing engineer and producer which is pretty impressive!


0:00 Intro – Going To Legacy Studios

0:28 Say Hi To Joram :)

0:41 And The Amps

1:04 Vox AC30

1:38 The Reverb: Lexicon LXP-1

4:07 Marshal JCM800

6:40 An Epiphany: Marshall Low-input

7:46 Roland Cube 

8:15 Closed vs Open-back Speakers

9:53 Fender Princeton – reissue

11:27 Fender Tube Compression and Reverb?

12:30 Vintage Jazz Tones of Wes or Kenny Burrel

12:55 Fender overdrive

13:40 a 10″ speaker with a lot of bass.

14:37 Lab Series L5 – BB King, Holdsworth, and no Tubes!

18:12 The Multi-filter

18:38 The Compressor

19:25 Polytone 

19:41 Conservatory Polytone Anecdotes