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Jazz Tone – How To Make A Strat Jazz Sound

How to get a good Jazz Tone and how I get my tone in the videos are two of the questions I get most frequently. I haven’t done too many videos on gear and tone, but I thought I might try to make one.

This video is quite long and discusses jazz tone or guitar tones in general as well how to get the best possible jazz sound out of a Fender Stratocaster. I am of course talking about Jazz Tone according to my taste, since this is a very very subjective topic.

In the video I cover the settings and pickup choices for the guitar, the settings I use on an amp (in my setup and also when I am using amps that are I get at a venue). I also go over a great secret trick that I like to use to get a better sound and fuller sound out of an amp. This works especially well with Fender tube ampls in my experience.

Content of the video

0:00 Intro

0:47 Jazz-Tone what is that?

1:18 Ideas about Jazz and Guitar Tone in General

1:41 The different topics covered in the video

2:16 A Quick Overview of what you hear in the video

2:43 My ’92 SRV strat

3:01 Pick Choices – The Sound of the different pickups

3:42 Why I prefer the Neck Pickup

4:17 Different combinations of Pick up and tone settings.

5:58 The most important part of the Guitar Tone

6:48 Picking Hand Position

8:14 Amp – Setup and AX8 – Signal Chain

10:25 Low FrequenciesThe Amp Bass Settings

11:27 Mid FrequenciesMid and Boost Settings

13:03 High FrequenciesTreble Settings

13:44 Fender Amps andtheir Mysterious EQ

15:23 Using Effects to geta Better Jazz Tone

15:40 Overdrive Pedal Trick

17:18 Overdrive Pedal #2

19:04 Compressor

20:39 EQ-Pedal

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