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Jim Hall – Ingredients Of The Best Solos

Jim Hall is famous for his very melodic and musical solos. In this video I am going over some examples from his solo on Poor Butterfly and talk about how in many ways I think this is the perfect medium swing solo. These examples show you how he keeps changing his lines with ideas involving rhythm, harmony and note choice. I especially like how he re-interprets some cliché lines and makes them much more interesting and surprising.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Example  1 – In The Groove, In The Harmony
0:58 Analysis
2:32 Example  1 Slow
2:45 What to learn from these examples?
3:19 Example 2 – Double-time lines with Interesting Rhythms
3:26 Analysis
5:32 Example  2 Slow
5:41 Analysis
5:46 Example 3 – Re-inventing a Cliché
7:28 Analysis
7:35 Example  3 Slow
7:55 Example 4 – Using The Blues (Like You Should)
8:02 Analysis
9:56 Example 4 Slow
10:06 Paul Desmond and Jim Hall – Great Collaboration
10:29 Example 5 – Triplets and Adding Chords to the Lines
10:34 Analysis
11:39 Example 5 Slow
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