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Doug Raney – The Best Solo If You Want To Learn Bebop?

If you want to learn Bebop then this Blues solo with Doug Raney on Jazz Guitar is a great place to look. This solo has Doug Raney playing an amazing Jazz Guitar Solo on this Bb Blues. This is off the Something’s Up album and really demonstrate how Raney has a solid grounding in Bebop tradition and also can take in some more modern jazz sounds.

The Blues is the Charlie Parker classic Mohawk and Doug Raney’s solo feature great examples of Chromatic enclosures, Playing across the barline, Lydian dominant.


0:00 Intro

0:44 Example 1

0:49 Bb Jazz Blues and two great Raney Albums

1:10 Breaking down the Example

1:46 Example 1 Slow

1:53 An overview of the phrase in the solo

2:11 Example 2

2:18 Developing the Solo – Going across the barline

4:06 Example 2 Slow

4:16 Example 3

4:25 Introducing More Modern Jazz Sounds

4:38 Lydian Dominants in Jazz Blues

5:43 Example 3 Slow

5:55 What Do You Consider the best example of A Jazz Guitar Bebop Solo?

6:24 Example 4

6:34 The Ultimate Bebop Phrase!

7:58 Doug Raneys Legato Technique

8:43 Example 4 Slow

9:18 Example 5

9:28 Octave Displacement and displacing the phrases across choruses.

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