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Jimmy Raney – This Is A Great Way To Make Beautiful Lines

Jimmy Raney is one of those guitarists who can start something as a blues lick and then turn it into a II V I line in another key while playing a 3/4 pattern over a 4/4 meter.

It is always a good idea to have strong concepts to work with when you are soloing and in this video, I am going to look at one aspect of how Jimmy Raney improvises.

This may seem like an idea that is almost random, but the way he repeats phrases and melodies, sometimes within one line really makes his lines solos sound great, and analyzing
this and working on doing this in your own playing is not a waste of time.


0:00 Intro

0:50 Lick #1 – Making Lines with Repetition and Odd-Note Grouping

0:57 Analysis

1:15 What I love about the later Jimmy Raney Albums

2:46 Lick #1 – Slow

2:53  Lick #2 – Stay Off The Beat on a Blues

3:02 Analysis – Shifting Motifs in a line

5:35  Lick #2 – Slow

5:46  Lick #3 – Chromatic Enclosures as a motif

5:54 Analysis

7:15 Across the Barline – delaying resolution

7:46  Lick #3 – Slow

8:25 Lick #4 – Sliding into the Blues (with Polyrhythms)

8:29 Analysis

9:56  Lick #4 – Slow

10:02 Lick #5 – from Blues to Altered Dominants

10:08 Analysis – Decoding a brilliant shifting idea

11:22  Lick #5 – Slow

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