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Joe Henderson – Why He Is One of the Big 3

Joe Henderson is one of the three most influential tenor players to help shape modern Jazz in the ’60s. You probably know him from Blue Bossa and Inner Urge, but his impact on Jazz both as a composer and improviser is huge. And he is a fantastic improviser as I will show you in this video.

The solo I am using here is a later solo, but it is a great demonstration of how much Joe Henderson can do with a very simple beginners standard like Billy Strayhorn’s Take The A-train.

The song is performed as a duo with drummer Gregory Hutchinson, it is from an album with only Billy Strayhorn songs, and A-train is a great vehicle to demonstrate a few of the things that are really fantastic about Joe Hendersons playing!


0:00 Intro

0:27 Solo on Take The A Train

0:45 The Big 3: John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and Joe Henderson!

1:05 Example #1

1:13 Subtle Motifs

2:04 Reharmonizing The A train

2:56 Example #1 Slow

3:07 Example #2

3:12 Rhythm as Tension Release

3:26 Michael Brecker Pedal Point

4:07 Pedal Point Abm7 line in A train

4:21 Example #2 Slow

4:29 Example #3

4:34 Dom7th(b5) arpeggios

4:44 Pedal Points

5:16 Example #3 Slow

5:22 Example #4

5:31 16th note Sequences

6:19 Lines with a Large Range

7:07 Example #4

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