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John McLaughlin – This Is Not Like Other Approaches

This John McLaughlin lesson is an analysis of his solo on the F blues Take The Coltrane. What you will see is that his approach to creating lines is often very different from the usual ways that we use scales and arpeggios and think about melodies that move from chord to chord. In this solo his use of chromaticism, shifting melodies and longer melodic stretches is extra-ordinary and really worth checking out.

John McLaughlin – The Father of Guitar Fusion?

John McLaughlin is among the musicians who invented what we call fusion today. He is known for his extra-ordianry technique, and for mixing jazz with both Spanish and Indian folk music. He has worked with everybody from Miles Davis to Jaco Pastorious and Carlos Santana.

But he also has a strong grasp of more mainstream jazz and in this video I am going to take a look at some parts of his solo on Take The Coltrane, which is a Blues in F. This recording is from an album with Elvin Jones and Joey DeFrancesco where McLaughlin is exploring the Organ trio concept. An album which has a lot of material inspired by John Coltrane.

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If you want to check out one of my other John McLaughlin lessons then have take a look at this lesson analyzing phrases from his solo on “No Blues”, a jazz blues in G.

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