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John Scofield – Some of the Greatest Double Time Lines I Know

John Scofield is one of my favorite jazz-guitarists. In fact, he gets away with using an effect I don’t like and I still love his playing!

This video is on probably my favorite John Scofield solo: Milestones of the Joe Henderson album So Near, So Far (which is anyway a fantastic album).

Milestones is a very difficult chord progression to solo on, but John Scofield really nails it with a lot of different approaches, pentatonics, and reharmonizations.


0:00 Intro – John Scofield on So Near, So far.

0:20 Milestones with Joe Henderson

1:06 Example #1

1:08 Super-imposed pentatonic double stops

2:17 Example #1 Slow

2:22 Example #2

2:29 Melodic statements with chords in the bridge

3:50 The Basic Melody used

4:11 Using Legato to mix bebop and pentatonics

5:31 Example #2 Slow

5:43 Example #3

5:50 Sco’s approach to double-time lines

6:45 Repeated ideas Scorfield vs Metheny

7:14 Signature Pentatonic Melody and Using different techniques for sound

8:01 Example #3 Slow

8:11 Example #4

8:16 Contrast: Melodic vs Angular (how to keep it interesting..)

9:11 Example #4 slow

9:18 Example #5

9:20 Intervallic double time ideas

10:21 Example #6

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