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How to play a Melodic Solo? Thoughts and Exercises

How to play a melodic solo? In this video I try to figure what melodic might mean and then use that that to find a way to practice that and develop the skills needed to make a solo more melodic. There are some really useful exercises to work on for this with your improvisations and this video goes over two of those so you have a way to develop that skill in your playing.

What are your thoughts on Melodic Solo Playing?

I am really curious if you have another definition of melodic than what I use here? or if you have a great way to practice playing more melodic solos?


0:00 Intro – We know what melodic is, but how to practice it?

0:49 How to figure out what a melody and what melodic is?

1:19 Why Melodic is subjective and we have to live with that.

2:15 Turning it into exercises: What to focus on when improvising

2:59 Using Motifs – The most basic melodic building block

3:13 Beethoven

3:22 That French Song we keep playing

3:38 What do we need to practice?

3:58 Practice using motifs – Rubato

4:31 Example on Autumn Leaves

5:12 Practice in time

5:53 Autumn Leaves Motif solo example

6:14 Call-Response

6:31 Mozart does Call-Response

7:06 Practice Rubato – Call-Response

7:26 Example on Autumn Leaves

8:03 Solo on Autumn Leaves

8:35 Difference between a great and an ok solo?

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