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The Best Way To Use Lydian and 5 Musical Ideas

You should have the Lydian Mode or Lydian Scale in your vocabulary. It is a beautiful and great sound that you can work into your guitar playing in a musical way as a great extra color.

When we think of Lydian then it is only about the #4 or #11 and you can’t make great melodies with just one note, so in this video, I am going over how to 5 ways you can make some great Lydian melodies and add those to your playing. That way you can really get started working on using The Lydian sound like a great extra color in your guitar solos

The Lydian Mode is often what I hear beginners say that they use because they think it sounds great to say that and actually they are just looking for a scale where they can run up and down the scale without thinking about it.


0:00 Intro

0:41 How You Should Use Lydian

0:54 A Bit of Context in a Chord Progression

1:38 Where to use it and How Often?

1:50 Example #1

1:54 A Great Pentatonic Solution for Lydian

2:47 Example #1 Slow

2:53 The Difficulty thing about how we think about Lydian

3:23 Example #2

3:28 A Lydian Triad Pair

4:54 Example #2 Slow

5:01 Example #3

5:06 A real Lydian Arpeggio?

6:01 Example #3 Slow

6:06 Example #4

6:10 Shifting Up An Arpeggio a 1/2 step

7:32 Example #4 Slow

7:56 Example #5

8:01 A great Sus4 triad and how to move it around in a melody,

9:36 Example #5 Slow

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The 7 Levels Of Cm7 Dorian – Triads to Complete Voicing Arpeggios

The search for more ideas and new things to play never ends! This video will go over 7 different types of arpeggios, scales and other voicing structures you can use when improvising over a Cm7 chord some you probably already use and some you may not have in your vocabulary yet.

Thinking in categories can help you check if there is something you never really checked out or got to use while soloing, and it is also quite likely that some of these you never used before.




0:00 Intro

1:11 Level 1 – 3 Basic 7th Chord Arpeggios

1:30 Discussing the different arpeggios

2:13 Difference between Modal and more dense progressions

2:31 Level 2 – Pentatonics (and Super-imposing them)

3:01 Overview of the different pentatonics

4:27 Level 3 -Triads

5:00 Triads and triad upper-structures

6:03 Level 4 – Quartal Arpeggios from the Dorian mode

6:24 Quartal arpeggios for a Cm7

7:22 Level 5 – Shell-Voicings

7:41 What they are nmd Which Shell voicings to use

8:36 Level 6 – Quintal Arpeggios

9:02 Quintal harmony and linking it to a pentatonic scale

9:51 Who said “Andy Sumners and Jimi Hendrix”

10:05 Level 7 – Drop2 voicing arpeggios

10:30 Using and playing arpeggios with a larger range.

11:21 Did I miss something you use a lot?

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