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Vlog: Re-harmonizing Standards – Modern Jazz Progressions and Jazz Chord Sounds

A few days ago I uploaded a Chord Melody Reharmonization of Night and Day. In this video I will go over the arrangement and some of the more unusual jazz guitar chords that I have used. Re-harmonizing jazz standards is fun and also a great way to add a personal touch to your interpretation of the song.

In my reharmonization I am using some more rich versions of the original chords and also in other places completely changing the harmony, using new less functional jazz progressions and colors.

If you want to check out the Chord Melody you can do so here:

Vlog: Modern Jazz Harmony – Chord Progressions and Analysis

Modern Jazz Harmony – Chord Progressions and Analysis

In this video I am going to analyze and break down 3 modern jazz progressions that I wrote using Modern Jazz voicings and chord progressions.

Most of my videos are on tonal progression like standards, but most of the music I write is really quite different and much more unclear.

This video is going to take 3 vamps that I wrote as some non functional vamps that I might use in one of my songs. I will try to analyze the progression and talk about how it’s written and how I might improvise over it.