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Bluesette – Backing Track – Playalong – Jazz Waltz – 147 bpm

Bluesette is probably the most famous Toots Thielemans song and certainly a jazz standard. Such a great take on a 3/4 Parker Blues with a few extra twists!

This is a great progression! A Belgian version of the Parker Blues and also in 3/4. I guess that is the Belgian part of it?

This song has a very nice way of travelling through a lot of keys and still end up home in a turnaround. Certainly one of my favourite waltzes, probably no 2 on the list 😀

Here’s my solo on the track:


Here are the changes:

Solar and Just Friends

Backing track experiment

I published two backing tracks the last few weeks and since I make these for some of my own solo videos I thought I might as well put up separate videos with the backing track.

It’s all pretty rough and quickly done, but I am curious what you guys think! I make all the backing tracks with DrumGenius and Reaper.

Leave a comment on the videos if you have some input and also if you have a suggestion for a track!